Matteo holds a PhD in Digital Humanities from King’s College London and is an Ambizione lecturer in the Institute of Archeology and Classical Studies (ASA) at the University of Lausanne. Matteo is a DH specialist with particular experience and expertise in the areas of (digital) classics and archaeology. His main research interests include natural language processing and information extraction, especially their domain-specific applications; citation mining and analysis; digital publishing; and applications of semantic web technologies in the humanities.

Within the first impresso project, Matteo was co-responsible, with Maud Ehrmann, for system design and data management, annotation and benchmarking, and named entity processing. He also coordinated and implemented work on text reuse processing and exploration.

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Blog posts

On the occasion of the first public release of the Impresso interface, we wish to take stock of our newspaper corpus. More than a year has passed since the last corpus update…

Trading zone part 3: Text Re-use Detection. This blog post is the last part of Stepping in the NLP / History trading zone: a series of posts.