Impresso develops two types of interfaces to access our data.

1. Impresso web app

The Impresso web app offers a graphical user interface for exploration and the compilation of research datasets. It builds on the application developed during the first Impresso project. As part of the second project, the web app is revised to facilitate access to different types of historical media, such as audio recordings, and various types of text, e.g., typescripts, transcribed speech, or radio programming schedules.

impresso web app

2. Impresso data lab

The forthcoming Impresso data lab is an infrastructure for data access and annotation services via APIs, along with their integration in executable Jupyter notebooks. The data lab will provide researchers with examples based on experiments with data-driven analyses of the Impresso corpus. Annotation services offer access to semantic indexing models and the ability to relate external data to the corpus.

Forthcoming impresso data lab