An interdisciplinary team of designers, digital humanists, computational linguists and historians has joined forces to develop a co-designed tool to monitor the media of the past.

Principal Investigators

Maud Ehrmann, PhD

Research scientist, EPFL-DHLAB

Simon Clematide, PhD

Post-doctoral researcher, UZH-CL

Raphaëlle Ruppen Coutaz, PhD

Senior Lecturer, UNIL History Department

Marten Düring, Asst. Prof.

Assistant Professor, C2DH


Andrianos Michail, M.Sc.

PhD Student, UZH-CL

Arthur Michelet, M.A.

PhD Student, UNIL History Department

Daniele Guido, M.Sc.

Lead designer, C2DH

Emanuela Boros, PhD

Research Scientist, EPFL-DHLAB

Estelle Bunout, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher, C2DH

Ferdaous Affan, Dipl.-Ing

Affiliated PhD Student, C2DH

Juri Opitz, PhD

Post-doctoral researcher, UZH-CL

Kaspar Beelen, PhD

Visiting Researcher, C2DH

Marina Butyrskaya Moyer, M.A.

Project Admin Assistant, EPFL

Martin Grandjean, PhD

Senior Researcher, UNIL History Department

Pauline Conti, M.Sc.

Data and Software Engineer, EPFL-DHLAB


Andreas Fickers, Prof.

Director of the C2DH

François Vallotton, Prof.

Professor of Contemporary History, University of Lausanne

Frédéric Kaplan, Prof.


Lars Wieneke, PhD

Head of digital research infrastructure, C2DH

Martin Volk, Prof.

Professor, UZH-CL

former collaborators

Benoît Seguin

Independent Engineer

Gerold Schneider

Computing scientist , UZH-CL

Matteo Romanello, PhD

Research scientist, EPFL-DHLAB

Paul Schroeder

Designer & developer, C2DH

Phillip Ströbel, M.A.

PhD student, UZH-CL

Thijs van Beek

Developer, C2DH